Human are the most important tool in any organization. Resourcing & Recruiting.

Human are the most important tool in any organization. Resourcing & Recruiting the most suitable manpower is the crucial part for companies. Outsourcing of manpower has become common practice to get professionally qualified & skilled staff. With new project coming & continuous growing demand & shortage of time leads to complex situation of selecting manpower.


CRG Understands the Complexities & Responsibilities

Candor Recruitment Group understands the complexities & responsibilities associated with Hiring for clients & candidates,. We being human resources professional insure absolute clarity at both end with complete transparency & ethics.Candor Recruitment Group don''t get in to hassles & the long process of recruitment.

Candor Recruitment Group -HIRING PAKISTANIS- A Profitable Option
Candor Recruitment Group is becoming a major contributing organization to provide manpower to all Major and Small clients. PAKISTAN as per the latest report is second largest pool of skilled manpower of after CHINA in the world. Its Best education system Insure qualified and ENGLISH speaking manpower which is most after sought all over the world. Candor Recruitment Group is becoming trustworthy & professional recruitment company to provide upper management to Unskilled manpower in particularly PRINTING & PACKAGING, CONSTRUCTION,MEDICAL & HEALTH,RETAIL,OIL& GAS, FMCG,and many more.

Candor Recruitment Group has efficient & experienced recruiter team to select candidates as per required skills (Technically & Behaviorally).

Recruitment in PAKISTAN is most Tarnished business due to coming of hundreds of unscrupulous recruitment agents. these agents themselves don''t even have proper education are cheating candidates .So PAKISTAN there two type of recruiter are existing one who can handle only Skilled/unskilled manpower. The rest are few who Handles Managerial position.

Candor Recruitment Group due to its all round approach & having its own recruitment office at five location of PAKISTAN with one trade skills center Candor Recruitment Group is poised to be the best to handle all kind of recruitment.

Our recruiter evolve unique method of headhunting as per industry In PAKISTAN there are states /cities famous for specific industry. We also bring lots of testimonials like candidates sent earlier to make them talk to new recruiter as we in Candor Recruitment Group maintain our relation with our candidates & enjoys huge reputation which can be provided any time to any body.

Sourcing of the Candidates.
Prescreening & short listing of Applicants.
We Arrange and conduct Trade Tests/Interview.
Arranging of Hotel /travel for Delegates/clients.
Counseling & Negotiation & Follow up with candidates.
Maintaining the personal records & contacts for reference & support.

Our office is located in Faisalabad third largest city of Pakistan which is easily access able By all part of Punjab.We have 4000sq.ft of area with 31 Team members working together. Our campus has capacity of more than 300 people sitting together with complete Air-condition facilities. We have five separate HR Chambers, Candor Recruitment Group has 20 computer terminals, fax etc.
We have our own five regional centers at different places of PAKISTAN like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad with our own Trade skill center in Faisalabad to recruit different categories of skilled manpower.
We have huge network of Networking to resource people, FROM all over Pakistan.

You can also conduct interviews in our five regional offices & Trade skill centre to recruit more number of candidates.