Operating a multi-brand strategy, with over 10 offices and more than 100 employees worldwide, we have developed vertical market niches catering to a variety of talented professionals.

Candor Group (Pvt) Ltd Founded in 2002, with the corporate office in Pakistan. The Group involves in overseas recruitment, Travel & Tourism ,training and trade test and Company Formation services. The company has an energetic team of experts and professionals who can research, enhance and make the application look and perform the best .


The Candor Recruitment Group Grew out of Our Clients

We have grown rapidly over the last 9 years with further plans to increase our global presence. Operating a multi-brand strategy, with over 10 offices and more than 100 employees worldwide, we have developed vertical market niches catering to a variety of talent professionals. Our clients range from Fortune 500 multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises.

The Candor Recruitment Group grew out of our clients’ need for a global stafing par tner that could demonstrate commitment, reliability and innovation in these ever changing times. " Candor " conveys “lighthouse” in Gulf market, and group beacon bringing together employers and job seekers. " Candor Group are Talented Professionals; describing who we are and what we do. Our focus is providing clients with an efficient and valuable service - globally. "

Zaheer Abbas
Chief Executive Officer,
Candor Recruitment Group

Candor Group (Pvt) Ltd. “Providing Human Resources to companies in order to get the results objective effectively and efficiently. Finding the right people for your business - particularly in times of near full employment - can be a challenge. Recruitment can be an expensive business, especially when it goes wrong, and a new employee doesn''t meet xpected standards or leaves within a few months, leaving you with disciplinary issues or having to start the process again from scratch. Our comprehensive and effective Recruitment Service takes the strain out of the recruitment process and helps you employ the right caliber of staff for your business first time, every time. The Service can be tailored to meet the needs of your business and role you are looking to fill. Activities can include:

Design and placement of highly targeted recruitment adverts to get to just the people you want to see the advert.
Receiving and logging all applications so applicants feel they are being treated fairly and professionally.
Screening & short listing candidates for interview, saving you time by presenting only the best candidates as a shortlist.
Design and deliver Assessment Centers to evaluate the skills and competencies of applicants.
Designing and managing recruitment/job fairs where these are the most effective way to get in front of the right group of people.
Psychometric Testing/Aptitude testing to assess the suitability of applicants both to your business and to the role you are considering them for.
Conducting interviews to qualify applicants and explore their potential face to face.
Administering the Offer Letter and Contract of Employment as well as taking up references to ensure your recruitment process is completed within the guidelines laid down by legislation.
Managing third party suppliers for the best results Unlike most recruitment agencies, we don't charge you a fixed percentage of salary for the recruitment we undertake on your behalf, but instead offer you a fixed price for each project undertaken.

Functions of Candor
Candor Group (Pvt) Ltd. performs following functions.
Market Analysis
It is the analysis of man power which is available to fulfill our clients need.
The process of discovering potential job candidate.
It is a process of luring suitable person from in pool of candidate. Orientation a procedure for providing new employees with basic background about the firm.
The process of teaching new employees the basic is spills they need to perform their jobs.